Berlin 2002

Following the success of ‘New York,’ this puzzle is a huge, detail-filled tribute to the Love Parade in Berlin.  Detailed borders and lots of insets make this puzzle workable.  This puzzle is one of Ryba’s most brilliant ones and if you have visited Berlin you wonder why this beautiful homage to this historic capitol isn’t it’s official poster.  You see all the great landmarks of Berlin and when you look at it, it almost feels that you are visiting this stunningly beautiful and friendly capital of Germany.

A little known trivia:  the originals of both New York and Berlin were too large for Ryba’s drawing board.  That is why he turned the paper up-side down and finished both drawing and coloring up-side down!  This man was a true genius.


Year of release :
No of Pieces:
136×190 cm – 54 8/16 x 74 13/16 inch