1. Hi Anna, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to put together this wonderful site. It would have been a dream come true about a year and a half ago when I first discovered Ryba’s amazing puzzles. I was searching the internet like a madman for any information I could find about him! Now others will be able to easily find info about him, as well as see some of his beautiful art. But, I have to share that this last Saturday was both a happy and sad day for me. I was first elated to discover a new Ryba puzzle had been released, but my joy quickly disappeared after I found out about his tragic accident. Even though I never met him, I feel really sad. I think that’s the mark of a truly gifted artist, the ability to create a connection with people he or she has never met. Your beautiful and fitting tribute is very touching, and confirms something I always felt come through his work, that he was a warm, kind person. I’m really glad you got to correspond with him. Take care, and once again thank you for creating the site.

  2. Really well done!

  3. It is so amazing for me to find this place!Im Chinese,far away from you, but just like you, i also gain lots of fun and warm from Raby’s puzzle.And i know , there must be many many people like you and me. In China, Ryba also has lots of fans,but we know little about himself, so thank you for your wonderful work!
    Ps,in China, it is hard for me to buy his old puzzles, can you give me some advice?

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